My friensd and IMy Mom Friends and I, Hanging out. Photographer: G. Fairley

When I had my first little one, I expected to go to birthday parties, meet other parents, and maybe schedule play dates ..(like they did on TV…Who knew it was a real life thing? I mean you have to SCHEDULE time for your children to play with other children? Aren’t children automatically built to play? And if they are at daycare, don’t they play together all day anyway?…Anywho, back to the topic..).  I had no idea that this is how parents socialize now that they have reproduced themselves. 

I guess it makes sense; people at work can only listen to a “potty story” but so many times.  Also, where can you find other people who can relate to your sleepless nights …because your nerves stay bad.. due to the fact that you never know when you will be in the most deep peaceful sleep only to have your door busted open at 2:38A.M. by these little people running in like the SWAT Team, yelling “MOMMY, MOMMY! I CAN’T SLEEP IN MY ROOM I HAD A BAD DREAM!”.  Meanwhile, you’re thinking, “sure honey, why don’t you get a peaceful night’s sleep in mommy’s bed, while I continue shaking and struggle to gain an acceptable blood pressure range again.”  Like I said, only other parents will get it.

That’s why, when you eventually develop a strong “Mom Group”, you need something to do. I have compiled a list of 10 Activities to Do With Your Mom Friends.  It works with mine, I’m sure yours will love it too!

  1.  Dinner and a Movie
    • Yes, this is usually the “date” staple but I guarantee if you see it with your friends, hilarity will know no boundaries!
  1.  Game Night
    • Get a few board games and let loose!
  1.  Dance Class
    • Let the rhythm help you dance your cares away.
  1.  Painting Lesson
    • Allow your creative side to come through. You can color without crayons and save money by creating your own wall art!
  1.  Workout Class
    • Release stress, stay in shape, and try not to pass out…your friends are watching!
  1.  Mani/ Pedi Party
    • Get together at someone’s house and invite your favorite Nail Technician or two.
  1.  Tea Party
    • Gather at your favorite coffee shop and chat over some Tea/Coffee and Pastries.
  1.  Laser Tag
    • There is nothing like Mom’s on a mission! Just keep it cute, you still want to be friends afterwards.
  1.  Go Carts
    • Let that Lead foot do what it was born to do…GO FAST!!
  1.  Slumber Party!! (My favorite)
    • Rent a house or hotel Suite, eat snacks watch movies and have girl chat all night …Just be a 13 year old!!


What types of activities do you and your Mom Friends enjoy together?




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By Corinne

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