What is Mommy Robot?

The Balance

Mommy Robot is a blog about finding balance as a working mommy. The world sees her as a machine but she is actually a person (….WHO KNEW!?!?).

Join me on the journey to find balance between the two. As a busy mommy, I don’t typically have a lot of time so you can count on the Mommy Robot content to be quick.  We’ll talk about weekly meal plans (with actual good quick meals children will eat…probably…mine do anyway), quick and easy makeup (there will be videos to talk you through…I know, I’m a visual learner too), share funny stories (‘cause you gotta laugh to keep from crying sometimes, right?..YES!), and all the other stuff my random thoughts manifest (side note: we love Michael’s over here so there will more than likely be crafts….consider this your warning).  

Please feel free to comment, share, give some advice on the topic, ask questions, or request topics to discuss. We are a network of machines made to help each other. Let’s power up! 


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