A shortlist of things I find awesome….

•  Lysol, Hand Soap with water, and Antibacterial Gel (Only when hand-soap and water are not available.)

•  Music (Classical, if it’s been a long day…Pop, if I need an extra “Bop” in my step…Early 2000’s Hip hop if i need some fun…Jazz/Neo-Soul to relax….and Gospel to get centered.

•  Board-games – Taboo should be in EVERYONE’s home!

•  Women Friends – Trustworthy, loyal, and supportive. One of the single-most important aspects of adult life.

•  Get-togethers – Socializing with other families over food and fun is always a good thing.

•  Optimism and Positivity – Things can easily go south, but finding the silver lining is guaranteed to give a little “lift”

•  Wigs – or “Girls” as we like to call them. I like to use them as accessories…sooo, you may not ever know who I am on any random occasion so always make eye contact. The PUPILS NEVER LIE!

•  People who can walk and drink from an open cup…at the SAME TIME – They are Wizards and may as well be related to David Blane   and Harry Potter..Just Sayin’ !


What are some things on your “Awesome” list?



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