Mommy with Button and Buddy

Hi! I’m Corinne.

That look in my eyes is exactly what you think it is….happiness-confusion-exhaustion-delight-concern-hunger-and a little coo-coo banana all rolled into one! Yes, pure awesomeness!

I’m a Retired Makeup artist, full-time corporate working mother, amateur artist, crafter, organizer, (etc., etc.) with aspirations to become an avid reader again.

My most important role?… I’m mommy to those two little beams of light.  Yup! I have two little boys.  The one on the right (who believes the snot sucker is a microphone and will not entertain any other thought to the contrary) is Buddy.  The one on the left ( who is completely enthralled by these five funny little wiggly things that are attached to him…I told him they were called toes…he seemed unamused) is Button.

Together, along with my husband (who is probably in another room relaxing…as dads sometimes do), we conquer the world with laughter, love, and a little chaos.

Welcome to the party! Stay a while!



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