Our First Magazine Interview Experience

Mommy Robot Interview with Voyage Atl Magazine

Mommy Robot in Voyage Atl Magazine

Last month I was contacted by a very visual and trendy magazine.  They focus on interviewing up-and-coming businesses around Atlanta.  To say I was humbled and flattered was an understatement.  I mean, I am a newbie in practically every sense of the word, why would they want to talk to little ol’ me?? Whatever the reason, I’m grateful!….

So, I sit down and give all of my answers.  I was intimidated at first but I’m glad that did’t stop me from proceeding.  Sometimes, when you have an idea it’s hard to put your enthusiasm into words.  It’s a spark, belief, drive that pushes you to your goal. It can be difficult to articulate that “thing” so it translates effectively to your audience. But when someone poses a question, all you have to do is zoom into your thoughts to find an answer.   It was fantastic!

There I was, thinking about the questions for a moment…then seemingly out of nowhere the answers just started flowing.  I guess when you are made to be somewhere or do a certain something your heart and intention are provided a pipeline to flow through freely.  I found a way to articulate my mission in that interview……

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Mommy Robot – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.

Mommy Robot is a brand. She is the caregiver, counselor, nurturer, appointment setter, negotiator, chauffeur, prayer warrior, heart protector, chef, coordinator, art director, chaos controller, and much more. Her off button does not exist. The world needs her to make it happen and she does. Aliments do not stop her, and challenges do not defeat her. She is a machine that is undeterred by circumstances. She is programmed to understand that reaching the goal is the only option.

While it may seem that this powerful machine can’t possibly exist, she does. People have seen her, they know her, they may be her. Mommy Robot is human. She is a woman who still likes being pretty, needs quick meal planning solutions, tips on organizing her life to make it more efficient, easy kids craft Ideas, strategies to strengthen her faith walk, ideas for entertaining, and most importantly to know that she is still valued as a person.

Mommy Robot was created to document my journey for balance. I needed to know it was possible to support my loved one’s growth and my own happiness at the same time. I am most proud that through my adventures, I can meet other people embracing their own journey for balance. Being able to support and embrace others has been the most wonderful part in this chapter.

What sets the Mommy Robot brand apart from the others is our focus. Mommy Robot is about helping the woman. There may be parenting lessons in the stories, but the main focus is Mom the Woman. Helping her navigate through life as a whole person is the goal. SHE is the focus. She was a person before she was a wife and mother and she will still be a person during and after she has a family. We strive to help her see the value in that.

– Johnson, C. (2018). Meet Corinne Johnson of Mommy Robot in Acworth and Kennesaw.

That article left me empowered and motivated to keep working hard to achieve my goals.  There is nothing like following your heart and having faith in yourself.  Mommy Robot is just getting started.  Stick around for the journey because we are growing everyday!!

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