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Staying organized in life frees up little moments of quality time you can be spending with your family. Just refocusing some of your efforts can help your household run better and lead to a more pleasant environment. Also, if organizing gets to overwhelming, you can always find help! Keep reading to find out how you can start helping your family become a better unit.

A Little Backstory

I was in a Bible Journaling class last year. My toddler and I sat towards the back, as not to disturb anyone else. (He was the only child there so that would have been easily done.) Well, sitting in the back proved troubling in itself. There was a tower of kid’s toys and trinkets perfectly situated in front of him. No Bueno. So, this nice young soul motioned for us to sit in the empty seat next to her (away from the “Toddler Temptation Tower”). Everyone was thankful (whether they knew it or not).

From that interaction she and I became fast friends. She invited me to a local moms group that was specifically created for Moms of Preschoolers and Toddlers (MOPS for short). It is always so refreshing to be around other people that reassure you that you are not alone in your experiences. Now I’m in year two and the learning never ends.

This particular meeting we are learning how to pack school lunches so they are quick and nutritious. Our speaker, a fellow MOPS mom, educates us on the keys to successful lunch packing. One of the first things she advises us on is to make a lunch station. It can be a cabinet, drawers, pantry or anything you can keep all of your lunch supplies in and neatly together. The second thing she does is refer to the neatly categorized list of lunch snacks and kid favorites she has photocopied and handed to us.

Make it Easier to Reach Your Destination

Now, full disclosure, I had my mom ears on during most of the presentation. You know, where you’re listening but doing other things like checking urgent text messages, watching the clock for your next task, and checking your calendar to answer and urgent email that apparently cannot wait. Yeah, those ears. I said all that to say, when you have so many irons in the fire , there is one component that absolutely cannot be ignored…ORGANIZATION. This is the key to basically every success. It’s easier to get where you’re going when you know how to get there.

I really admired how our speaker reiterated that for us. If everything you have is in one place, you save a lot of time trying to hunt things down. This is absolutely true for our morning rituals. I promise, no matter how many times I have a rough idea of how the morning will go, I never fail to push the snooze button four more times (not the mention the fact that I’m naturally nocturnal) or my children turn into distracted slugs. Being organized has saved me too many times to count, so why is it so difficult?

Here’s why:

  • Child One
  • Child Two
  • Husband
  • Home
  • Meals
  • Errands
  • Daily Curve-balls
  • Education
  • Socializing
  • the list goes on and on.

We all want to be more organized but we all need a certain amount of sleep too! Right!? (Personally, I have just conceited to the fact that 5 hours will have to do. I’ll sleep one day next month. It’s fine…No, really! It’s fine. **eye twitches with a scary grin**)

Put Your Money Where Your Stress Is

One of the most important lessons, from that particular meeting, was a quote the speaker said she got from another mom in our group. Basically, if something is a hurdle or gives you anxiety, invest in something that gives you help in that area. The example she used was chips. If you want to just grab something and not worry about portioning it out, get the variety packs. You can just grab it and throw it in the lunch bag. This may be something that saves you critical morning minutes. Therefore the little prepackaged markup would be totally worth it for you. Congratulations, you’ve just won the morning.

This quote got me thinking about other things, specifically, around the house. We spend a lot of time on the go and before you know it (translation: within a day or so) nothing can be found in the closet, the home office is a mess, the bedroom is just a wasteland of clothes, but the schedule and the clock never stop. There is no better time to call in reinforcements.


“Every Object In Your Home Should Have A Home Of Its Own”

The Professional Organizers at Organized Results are the perfect people to help turn your home into a “stress free oasis”. They are just a “phone call away” and believe that “every object in your home should have a home of it’s own”. They do all the sorting and organizing for you. Whether it’s a child preparing to go to college, someone living with a learning challenge, or a family that would just like to create more memories instead of sorting through them, organized results can help. Organized Results even does color coded gift wrapping for the holidays! Spend more time with your family and less time sorting through your stuff!

Wedding and Portrait PhotographyMeet Beth Upshaw, Owner of Organized Results

Beth Upshaw is a Professional Organizer who loves to organize homes and students transitioning to college. Two of her specialties include: Organizational strategies that align with clients’ objectives and skill sets and 100% client confidentiality.

Servicing clients in the metro Atlanta area including (but not limited to) Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth, Dallas, Powder Springs, Hiram, Douglasville, Canton, and Smyrna.

Here is a “Before and After” example of her work..



Life tends to be easier with structure. An organized lunch stations helps make packing lunches quicker so there will be more time for smiles and hugs in the morning. Enlisting the help of Professional Organizers gives families valuable time back by organizing your home so you can focus on the important stuff, each other.

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