5 Things You Should Skip Over This Summer

Stress Free Summer

5 Things To Skip for A Stress Free Summer


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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all are having a great week (so far), after the long 4th of July weekend. We are in the last stretch of the summer and our kids will be back to school before no time. I originally wanted to write a post about the things that you could do this summer to soak in the remaining last couple of weeks, but instead, I decided to write a post on the things that you should skip over for a stress free summer. Why? Because everyone already has plans and knows what they want to do, but between those plans, they are not making the most of their summer. In order to make the most of my summer, here are a few things that I am skipping over, to make it stress free,  and I hope you skip over them, as well! 

Stress Free Summer

5 Things You Should Skip Over This Summer

Sitting Inside

First thing is first: stop sitting inside! I understand that it’s hot here in Georgia, but to be very blunt, sitting inside is a waste of time for you and your family. You only have one life to live and at the end of your time, the memories you will remember are the ones where you were out spending time with the people who are the most important to you. Make memories and stop allowing yourself and your children to sit in front of screens, inside your home. There are so many things to do out and about such as hiking, traveling, or going to the pool. 


Exterior Painting

So many people are getting their exteriors painted right now and I recently saw someone try to do in themselves. Stop that! Not only is it dangerous, but exterior painting takes a lot of skill by a professional because if you do it incorrectly, you have a lot to lose (think: leaks, home damage, and more). Step down off the ladder and let a professional do the work for you this summer.


Moving By Yourself

If you are moving this summer, consider hiring professional Metro-Atlanta moving company, Atlanta Peach Movers. Not only will they free up your time which allows you to make more memories with your children, but they will also save you from lifting heavy boxes and furniture pieces. With over 30 years of proven experience, Atlanta Peach Movers is Georgia’s premier full-service moving company. They have a fleet of 38 vehicles, so they are prepared for whatever you throw their way (even the largest and heaviest items!). Over the years, they have worked very hard to become the number one moving company in Atlanta and have become the moving company of choice for not only Atlanta, but the overall Southeast, as well. They meet and exceed their customers’ expectations and offer the highest-quality customer service and care.

Atlanta Peach Movers

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Last but not least, Atlanta Peach Movers is affordable, as well. They believe in doing an excellent job for a fair price and will never surprise their customers with hidden charges or fees. They will always come out to give an on-site estimate of what your moving services might cost. Atlanta Peach Movers is Atlanta’s #1 Moving Company for a good reason, and that is simply because they are the best of the best. Check out their customer testimonials that speak for themselves.


Spending Carelessly

Another important thing to skip over is spending carelessly. I’ve made it very apparent in this article that I believe you should take summer by the horns and do all of the fun things, but that does not mean that you should not be cautious with your spending, so please do not get me wrong. There are a lot of free or inexpensive things to do! Before we know it, Christmas will roll around and if we are spending carelessly now, it will be very stressful in the future. 



Who has time for stress? Not me! Figure out what you are stressed about and then figure out how to solve that. Make it your mission to reduce the stress in your life. Some days (especially with kids), it might feel like you are too stressed out to even do things to take care of your health and wellness, but taking care of yourself is actually the first step to managing your stress. 

Stress free

When you are physically healthy and strong, you will find it much easier to be healthy mentally as well. There are many different aspects of taking care of yourself physically. One of the most important, in my opinion, is eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Food is where you get your energy from. If you eat foods that will make you tired and weigh you down instead of giving you the energy you need to work, you will not get as much done and of course you will be stressed out! Eat a well-balanced diet to feel energetic and to give you that brain power you need to concentrate and get stuff done. Working out is another important way to take care of your health. An added bonus is that working out alone has been shown to reduce stress levels. You do not need to run a marathon, or do a crossfit workout, but find something that you like to do such as swimming, hiking, walking, jumping on a trampoline, or even chasing your kids around the backyard, and stick to it! 


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