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Mommy Robot Quote

What Just Happened?

I was so tired, the other day, that I just passed out asleep in a chair.  When I woke up I found shredded cheese and wrappers on the table and around the trash can.  Admittedly, I looked at the time and started to panic.

“OMG, my children have only snacked on simple food! What hearty, nutritious dinner can I make for them to give the nutrients I know they need?!?”

I looked at the time…”10 PM!?!?” “What have I done?!

The answer…REST.

I rested, and everything is okay. I took a deep breath and reiterated something to myself at that moment.  I don’t have to exhaust myself to be a good parent.  These people had enough sense to find food and not disturb my slumber. Maybe they saw how exhausted I was and felt sorry for me. Who knows!

Either way, two needs were satisfied and were all better for it.

The Lesson

I learned early on in parenthood that these little ones are always hungry growing people.  My solution was to buy the food they liked (and I was okay with them having) then put the food on shelves they could reach.  That way, they have full access to satisfy their every present hunger needs….and I have the freedom to complete my day to day tasks like a normal person.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs every day.  I’ve learned to understand the lesson, appreciate the moment, and relinquish my need to be everything to my children.  One day they will be grownups and it is imperative that they learn to be compassionate, independent people for their future families as well.

Take It Easy on Yourself

I’m learning that being a good mom is wanting your children to be the best people they can be and extending grace to yourself so that you can be your best also.  A little cheese and crackers are not going to ruin them.  If it makes you feel better, throw in a piece of fruit to round out the food groups and take it easy on yourself.  You’re doing an amazing job!


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By Corinne

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