The Escape Game at Atlanta Battery

One of the best things about Atlanta is that there is always something to do.  If you are looking for something great to do with groups of all ages, make sure you visit the Escape Game at the battery.  It’s an hour of non-stop excitement and fun you and your group will be talking about for ages. 

The Battery Atlanta

Atlanta Braves New home is located in Smyrna.  It is a dream location if you’re someone like me who likes to stay away from  large crowds and transit situations in large cities.  Everything is brand new and sits beautifully situated right off I-75.  There are hotels near by, Cumberland mall, and numerous shopping and eating areas surrounding the park.

However, the best thing about the Battery is that once you park, you don’t have to leave the area!  There is shopping and restaurants all located on the campus.  So whether you are there for a game or you just want to chill, everything is conveniently located for you to have an awesome time! Like I said, it’s an absolute dream!

Grab a bite at Live! at the Battery Atlanta.

Before you go and try to escape you need some fuel.  You can’t be “locked” in a room and have the nerve to be hangry.  Instead of being a “team builder’ it’ll be a team breaker.  Trust the mother in me, “get something to eat, baby”.  

Live! at the Battery Atlanta is the perfect place to meet up.  It’s right around the corner from the Escape Game.    The restaurant is huge and sort of shaped like a circle.  It’s pretty cool!  When I walked in, I just remember thinking how much it looked like a stadium.  There is a GINORMOUS screen that hangs right over the bar for all the sports lovers.  The screen is so big I thought I was in the Sports arena. Completely incredible.

The best part was the food music, food, and friendliness of the staff.  The Avocado Hummus was healthy, yummy, and sweet. The waitress was helpful with recommendations, the hostesses were kind enough to let me charge my phone, and provide directions around the battery.  The most spectacular part was that they had a DJ and the music was at a respectable level.  Loud enough to jam to but quiet enough to enjoy a pre-game conversation with friends.  After that, my group was ready to tackle this escape game!

The Escape Game

The Escape Game Desk

The Escape Game location intrigues the senses even upon approach.  The sign is huge and metal.  It looks cool but still leaves you wondering what exactly you’re walking into.  Then as you go through the doors, you are welcomed with the new smell of fresh wood.  (Thats the great thing about this area, everything has just been built in the past few years).  The hosts greets you and your party.  He asked us which game we were going to play the took us over to the sign-in screens.

The sign in screens looked futuristic and retro at the same time.  The screen looked like a gigantic smart phone with a typewriter keyboard that lit up!  After we entered a few pieces of information like our age, email, and signed a waiver, We sat in the waiting area.

The waiting area was super cool.  It was full of Atlanta Braves touches and Escape Game Souvenirs.  Oh, and the props!  We got a chance to take photos with Escape Game themed props.  There were hard hats, lanterns etc. Props before the game was cool because once you get into the game and finally win, sometimes people forget to document their fun experience.  We had a blast posing while we waited for a few minutes for our guide.

Let the Games Begin!

My group decided to do the Gold Rush challenge.  Our guide walked us down a clean hallway full of doors to our escape room.  Once inside we were given an explanation of the rules and had any questions answered.  We placed our belongings in the designated reserved area and focused our attention on the screen above the door.

The Escape Game ATL

The video set the mood in the room.  We knew the backstory and were given the motivation.  We had sixty minutes to solve the puzzle and make it from room to room until we escaped. The clues were located everywhere.  Some clues were obviously clues and some took a second look. It’s all an escape game until  we were locked in a room…then it became our reality.

The gold rush game was full of twists and turns.  There were loud noises, a few physical activities, math problems, and patterns. The decor was fantastic. It felt like we were in a real cabin and a real mine.  It was down to the wire but …We ESCAPED! There was even a sticker given to us proclaiming our Escape Game victory. What an experience!  

Gather a Group and Play!

Make it a point to bring your, family, friends, workgroup to the Escape Game Atlanta.  It’s truly interesting to see what role everyone falls into. The person you thought would be the leader may be in a more supporting role and vice versa.  No matter your Escape Game dynamics, you are guaranteed laughs and a collective mission to ESCAPE! I can’t wait to go again with a new group and a try a new game.  The Escape Game is addictive fun!

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By Corinne

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