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Use Window Privacy to Let the Light In and keep Unwanted Eyes Out

There is nothing like natural light throughout the year and great windows to show off our beautiful decorations through the holidays.  Read on to find out how to strike a balance between letting the light in and keeping unwanted eyes out with some window privacy options from UHS Window Tinting and Blinds.

Ah, The Holidays

There is a reason the holidays are known as the most wonderful time of year.  It’s due, largely in part, to the mood set at the beginning of the season.  From the time the first holiday banners are hung on the light posts near the shopping malls to the last ornament hung on the tree… the stage has been set.  It is the pinnacle of entire year finally culminating with the biggest party of the year, New Year’s Eve! What a magical season!

I can remember anticipating the holiday decoration boxes coming out from our storage area. Although I was in middle school at the time, I was my family’s designated holiday decorator.  And I took great pride in it, paying close attention to every detail in order to provide the best visual impact. I carefully took the garland and hung it up draped loop-to-loop in the most dramatic archway I could find in the house. Next, I hung ornaments in alternating colors at the bottom of each loop.  Some years I would thread a string of multicolored lights through the garland.  The twinkle at night and reminded my family that the holiday magic had arrived. 

Making the Best Memories

Ultimately the most special part of the holiday season is spending time with the people you love and those who love you.  Whether it’s family by blood or by a special bond, the memories made in love is truly what the magical season is truly about.  Getting together at someone’s home is typically how the best memories are made. (…preferably someone who cooks well…I’m just saying, the holidays are not the time to experiment on people’s taste buds.  Most people only eat this heavy once a year.  The best things about the Holidays are that the menu is somewhat predictable.  So leave that cute little recipe for healthy cardboard and kale stuffing for some random Wednesday in July.  Trust me, your feelings will thank me later.)

Look at the Pretty Decor!

As I got older, I can remember driving through the neighborhoods to my mom’s house and looking at all the pretty lights.  It was so fascinating to see how each person decorated the outside of their home.  Some people had lights on every inch of their property (something like the Griswolds) while others just simply had a wreath on their door.  But, at night we could see their Christmas tree all lit up and decorated to perfection.  Not to mention the fireplace and the mantle adorned with the prettiest garland and the warmest stockings they could find.  I bet you’re wondering how I could have known all of this just driving through their neighborhood….BECAUSE THEIR WINDOWS WERE WIDE OPEN!!

It was as if these people had never heard window privacy, blinds or curtains!  I know it’s the holiday season and this is a nice neighborhood and all, but c’mon don’t let us see Everything you have! Lol!  Passersby could sit there and practically watch a Christmas movie with this family.  I wish they would have heard about UHS Window Tinting and Blinds.  Then they could have enjoyed their beautiful decorations, a healthy level of privacy, and security year round.

UHS Window Tinting and Blinds

Residential Window Privacy Option
Residential Window Treatment from UHS Window Tinting and Blinds

UHS Window Tinting and Blinds has been around since 2003.  They specialize in “window tinting, security film, decorative film, select blind treatment services, and installation” for commercial and residential properties.  Tinting and window treatments have so many benefits:  maintaining a level of privacy and security for your family or business, keeping heating and cooling costs down. UHS Window Tinting is licensed and completely insured for the protection of both parties involved (the client as well as UHS). They are also dedicated to doing quality work and customer satisfaction.  When you contact them for an immediate quote, all you need to do is give them “the space and window size” so you can get an idea of your expenses up front.  Super easy and convenient!

Commercial Window Privacy Options
Commercial Window Tinting from UHS Window Tinting and Blinds

Contact UHS Window Tinting and Blinds so they can help your family enjoy your home windows to the fullest and maintain safety by keeping unwanted lookers out!

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