Bloom Where You are Planted

Sometimes it only takes common things in our environment to inspire us to be great. Read on to discover how flower seeds inspired me to be my best self in every situation.  After all, we were made to bloom wherever we are planted.

Meeting About Plants

I typically attend meetings with one of my moms’ groups twice a month, during the school year.  This particular Friday we had a speaker that was to give us information about how to be better gardeners.  Now, I’m gonna be a little honest with you I have the furthest thing from a green thumb.  Every plant I get eventually withers away.  However, I am always willing to learn and get better in any aspect of life. So here I am sitting and listening about plants and gardens.

The Easy Garden of Plants

She reminds me so much of my grandmother, the way she easily speaks about gardens and plants is very comforting.  They share the same matter-of-fact, sweet, sassy southern drawl.  I instantly understand that she is an expert horticulturalists.  So, I take out my pen and begin to take notes, making sure not to miss a single gardening tip.  Over the course of about forty-five minutes, this lovely woman paints this beautiful picture of what an amazing garden would look like. I’m now eager to take new knowledge to work on transforming my own dirt into an easy garden.

Side note, I’m always excited by the potential of gardening…but in the back of my mind, I know traditionally that I just will not keep these plants alive!  Suddenly, I start to think that I should really pay attention because it could do wonders for my grocery bill if I just grew my own vegetables. That’s the plan at least. But I digress….

The Card’s Secret

As the nice garden lady is speaking, I notice some literature on the table.  Our meeting coordinators have placed a card with a saying in each spot for every mom. The card is a pretty 4 x 6 neutral card that simply says,  in beautiful black ink, “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. 

The magnificent thing about this card is that at first glance it appears to be just a piece of paper.    I see a piece of beautiful stationery that has just been stamped. Upon further investigation, I see that this card is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also holding a magnificent secret!   In smaller print on the card are instructions to take it home, planted in the garden, and watch it bloom into beautiful flowers.

This hidden information is amazing to me because this card is smooth and there are no lumps or bumps in it. I can see some fibers but not enough to see the seeds. But this card tells me that if I plant it then I should expect something beautiful to appear in my garden soon.  Interestingly enough, in that very moment, I am forced into deep thought and reflection.

Planted (Hidden) Gifts

There are so many of us on this Earth just wishing that we were somewhere else. Somewhere bigger, somewhere better, somewhere more amazing so that we can just shine and walk in the gift that we were given. Most times people look at each other and may not see the talents hidden within. Consequently,  most of us are to blame for that. We hesitate to use our gifts because we are waiting on the right moment… we’re waiting on the right movement … we’re waiting on the right arena…. space that we feel we are supposed to shine our brightest. 

Upon seeing the phrase “Bloom Where You Are Planted”, my first thought was to look it up and see what it meant …but then I started to internally reflect. I started to think about when I was back in school and my instructors would encourage us to decide what something meant on our own before we went and researched what the author may have meant. 

Internal reflection is very significant. At this stage in life, most people are used to getting approval and gaining understanding from outside sources. Truthfully, if we just took a moment to breathe and think about what we were witnessing the important meanings and feelings will show up.  With that being said, we will still have to go afterward and look up some words for context to compare with our summarized theory.  This doesn’t discount the need to always allow ourselves a moment to be alone in our own thoughts to determine how we feel and think about a particular subject.

Bloom In That Soil, Friend!

So when you see “Bloom Where You Are Planted” be encouraged to consistently show up and share your…

          • gifts and talents 
          • passion 
          • heart 
          • talents
          • positivity. 

Not all of us were made to be in stadiums at every single turn.  Things take time, and if it’s in your heart to be on stage or in a stadium, rest assured that time will come as well. But for right now, where you are is where you’re supposed to be…and because of that, using your gift where you are will help get you to the place that you desire to go. So I encourage you today friend, that no matter how small the town, the room, or the act use this moment (this very moment) to be the beautiful sight you were created to be.

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By Corinne

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