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Clear Things In Your Life That No Longer Serve You

One of the biggest takeaways from being stuck in the house during the you-know-what that affected the world was noticing how much stuff my family had.  By the end of the two years inside, I had come to realize and accept that it was time for many things to go.

I found this Passion Planner Spring Cleaning PDF to help with that process.

You can click here to get a copy of your own.

Planner Sizes

They come in two different sizes:

  • Small – 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Large – 8.5” x 11”

They are meant to fit inside of the different passion planner sizes but they will fit any planner that fits those dimensions.

How do I fill out the sheet?

Here is a run-down of the sheet and some examples of ways to fill it out.  

Some sections did not fit into my lifestyle, I made notes of those also.

Whether methods work for me or not, I can appreciate learning how other people do things and figuring out how I can make other things work for me.  Hopefully you will do the same.


Spring Cleaning


I am clearing my space because:

When my space is clear, I can think more clearly.

I want my space to look and feel:

  • Friendly
  • Cozy
  • Clean 
  • (A little) Modern

Three things that my clean space will allow me to do:

  • Focus on spending more quality time with my loved ones
  • Find the things I need more easily
  • Sleep better knowing my home is clean

The Konmari Method

I have reviewed this method and I have familiarized myself with this way of decluttering.  I have decided that this method is not for me. Basically because if I see everything “out in the open” …meaning, a big pile.  I will get intimidated and overwhelmed.  This will result in me either throwing EVERY thing in the pile away or walking into another room and not wanting to deal with the pile any longer.

Also, Music is life.

Anything that says music is not allowed is CERTAINLY not for me.

And lastly, touching every item is a little odd for me…I’ll pass on that…respectfully, of course.

Declutter Checklist:

I really think this is a good list.  I like the way everything is laid out neatly. 

The way I would adjust this to fit my life is to do one section a month.  For me, this may work best because I would have to tackle each category for everyone in my family.


  1. What were the biggest lessons you’ve learned from tidying up your home?
  2. What items were you surprised to release?
  3. What are five items in your home that spark the most joy? Why?
  4. From 1 – 10 , how do you feel overall about your tiding experience?

Your Turn!

You’ve seen my process for tackling spring cleaning! 

Download and print your checklist and share how you do with your process!

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By Corinne

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