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February: Celebrate Empowerment and Self-Love All Month Long

February is a celebration of all things love.

We celebrate valentine’s day to celebrate our significant other.  We celebrate Galentine’s day by showing love to our besties. 

We also celebrate Black love by celebrating all of the great ways African Americans have contributed to American society. This is a month to feel encouraged and proud of the wonderful people and Black culture that surrounds us.

Self Love

Whenever I think of all of these great expressions of love and pride, I am reminded to add self-love to that list. 

Self-love is vital because it is a way of confirming your importance to yourself.

Some ways to show self-love this month include:

  • Writing down one thing you like about yourself every day.
  • Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day relaxing and clearing your mind
  • Treating yourself to your favorite meal
  • Reading a chapter a day of an interesting book 
  • Give yourself permission to do nothing one day
  • And so on…

It is amazing and wonderful to be recognized and celebrated by others.  It is even better to understand the importance and value of your own worth as well. 

Self-love is empowering because it allows us to re-set and receive the encouragement we need to be our best.

Self Encouragement – or by others – and the great accomplishment of trailblazers inspire and empower us to do great things. It’s what drives society forward into a better future.

What is empowerment?

When I hear stories of what people have gone through throughout history despite adversity, I am in awe.  

I think of all the hardships and obstacles we face today and I’m instantly reminded of how much easier life is today because of those trailblazers. 

However, because of some of their stories, I can’t help but be inspired and motivated.  I think, “Hey, if she could do all of that without having phones, cars, or electricity, imagine what I can do with all that I have at my disposal!”

That is what empowerment is to me.  It is as if a baton or a torch has been passed onto me from generations past who made it through their various hardships.  They made it through just to give me the light or the “power” to run the rest of the way. 

Empowerment says, “You may not know what you are capable of or how special you are but here is a spark to find out how far you can go!”

Empowerment is the transfer of energy we all need in order to realize our full potential.  It’s how we find the courage to take off and soar, ultimately igniting the fire in everyone who watches blaze a trail into our destiny. It is a gift that multiplies.

What makes you feel empowered? How do you empower others?

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By Corinne

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