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Passion Planner 7-Day Self Love Challenge

I recently participated in the Seven Day Self love Challenge from Passion planner.  

I decided to participate because who’s going to turn down a way to learn to love myself better…NOT ME!

What is this Challenge?

It’s a free PDF worksheet you can get here

The Self-love challenge is one sheet of paper that is divided into …you guessed it, 7 days.

First, you circle your “Why” at the top – To make your intentions clear as to why you are completing the challenge.

Each day has a topic and a small quick activity to complete.

In the end, you write down how you will continue to practice self-love after all you have learned about yourself that week.

Sounds fun huh! I know, Right!

I’ll go through mine here so you can get an example of what to do.

The 7 Day Self Love Challenge 

What is your why for this challenge?

To give myself grace in the face of challenges


Day 1 : Loving Yourself

List 5 things you love about yourself

  • Make Friends easily
  • Openminded
  • Care for Others
  • I’m not afraid to stand alone
  • My relationship with Jesus


Day 2 : Letting Others Love you

What have other people done for you that made you feel loved?

I feel loved when people show up and are kind especially when they don’t have to.


Day 3 : Caring for yourself

Name 3 of your favorite ways to take care of yourself.

  • Pedicure
  • Massages
  • Playing in Makeup 


Day 4: Releasing Burdens

Has there been something you’ve been too hard on yourself for? 

Yes. Striving for perfection in content creation.

What would you need to let this burden go?

Deciding for myself that I just need to follow my heart and do my best.  The people who are supposed to benefit from what I have to offer will understand.


Day 5 : Affirming Yourself

How do you want to speak to yourself? Write an affirmation and recite it out loud in front of a mirror.

I want to speak truth, kindness, encouragement, and hope to myself.


Day 6 : Celebrating Your Journey

What have you overcome to be who you are today? 

I’ve had to overcome a lot to be who I am today.  The biggest thing is just accepting that every day is a new journey, lesson, and opportunity to do the right thing.

Describe a time you’ve made yourself proud.

I am most proud when people around me feel loved and seen because of something I was able to do for them.


Day 7: Loving yourself even more

Go back to your list from Day 1. Add 5 more things you love about yourself.

  • Can Cook
  • Creative
  • Encourage others around me
  • Spread Joy
  • Love to Laugh


How will you practice self-love in the weeks that follow this challenge?

I will review my answers and remind myself that I am awesome, wonderfully made and I’m important to some pretty outstanding people.


Your Challenge 

Now it’s your turn!  Go print your worksheet and show yourself more love!


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By Corinne

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