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Releasing Your Creative Energy

Releasing your creative energy can be difficult especially when comparisons to others and becoming overwhelmed intimidates you from even starting. Let’s push through some of those barriers, find tools to help us work smarter and not harder, and confidence to try something new…

Back in Elementary School

I can remember being in elementary school and getting so excited about art time. Every student in the class waited with anticipation as the teacher revealed the art project for the day. The teachers would pull out the colorful art boxes and place them on each table. There were crayons, markers, construction paper, school glue, etc. just waiting to bring our imaginations to fruition. Once the project was announced we would get laser focused scribbling and gluing everything in sight to make our creations stand out as the best. There was no room for second guessing or hesitation, just solid focus on the goal at hand.

That was a very special time. The instructors would say “create” and put a brush or crayon in our hand then watch the creativity flow from our young minds like streams. Even at that age, we knew some of us were more gifted than others. One child’s stick figured horse would stand next to another child’s portrait of a majestic unicorn complete with mane flowing in the wind. We would acknowledge the strength in the other child’s creation but still remained proud in our own work. We were experts at believing in our own abilities.

Unfortunately, as adults, sometimes we let comparisons get the best of us. But adulthood creativity should be just the opposite. I mean, grownups have much way more resources available to them. You can’t trust a child with power tools or a hammer!! (I mean you could but that would be terrible for everyone involved….Just saying).

Crafting as an Adult

The most popular crafting nowadays is done on a larger scale. Who needs Popsicle sticks when you can use actual two-by-four. Life sized hobbies are so attainable now. Just think about all the home remodeling shows on now. They make everything seem so much easier than they once appeared to be. I always see them using various tools to cut pieces for their projects. I love watching the creativity spring off the screen. But I start to wonder how long it takes them to complete a specific project if they are constantly using a bunch of different tools to get one job done? Any serious crafter would tell you that the goal should be to “work smarter not harder”. That’s where a saw company called Saw Trax becomes very useful.

Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc

Saw Trax is located in Kennesaw, Georgia. They pride themselves on having the speediest (“switch cutting tools in 8 seconds”) and most accurate (“cuts within 1/64th of an inch) saws on the market. Saw Trax has premium dollies and carts that are “rugged, versatile, and innovative” to transport any “Construction, landscaping, large screen televisions, mattresses, furniture, counter tops, Slabs, Panels, Moving and delivery” just to name a few. Not to mention the Coro Claws, made to cut through “corrugated plastic, vinyl, and film. Saw Trax is a one-stop-shop for all DIY projects…or as I like to call them, “Large Crafts”.

SawTrax, Creative Energy
Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc
Creative Energy , Dolly
The Dolly Max is an all-terrain and portable multi-function cart.

I encourage you to tap into your inner creative being and try some of the projects you see on TV. Just think, the dollhouses some of us played in as children were once someone’s idea and now children across the world enjoy them in various shapes and sizes. With renovations becoming more and more popular every day, you can create your very own dollhouse to actually live in. That is the beauty of creativity, if it doesn’t exist you can create it. If you are having trouble creating it, there is help to get it made.

Create and Be Great!

Never let insecure thoughts stop you from trying. One of my friends from college once told me, “if you let people [or things] intimidate you, you only limit yourself. Truer words were never spoken. Now, go tackle that project you keep in the back of your mind. Take pictures and remind yourself to be an expert at believing in our own abilities again!

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By Corinne

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