My Planning Materials
My actual planner with the stickers and colorful pens I like to use.

Before I start, I should give you a heads up. I like to start most conversations with, “So..”. mostly because I believe that life is one continuous conversation, so when we speak again we just pick up where we left off…like old friends..

now, back to business….

So, I have always loved a planner. Specifically one where you can see a month at a glance. These are the best because life is not just a week. I find that most instances are month by month and it’s uber helpful to view it as such.

When I was single I would use my planner to keep up with bills, work, appointments, special events, etc. My favorite places to get these types were dollar stores and book stores. (Side Note, I still go to the dollar store now to get my little desk calendars for work…I mean, it’s a DOLLAR…AND it’s colorful..WHAT!!). They were a good price, fit into my bag, and got the job done….

Then this guy shows up, now calls me his wife and we’re raising these two little people who look like us. This is where it gets REAL Y’ALL!

Now, I NEED a planner because I must keep up with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  You name it, I’m tracking it. I do this because there are a lot of parts to this “Grown-up-Parenting-Spouse/Partner Thing”….

For example, ear infections, if your child has a certain number of ear infections in a certain number of months then the “White Coats” will start wanting to have the “Tube” conversation….And you know what?! I need to get myself mentally and emotionally prepared for those types of conversations so PRAISE BE TO JESUS FOR A PLANNER!



How do you stay organized on a day to day basis?  

Are there any special planners or tools you like to use?



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By Corinne

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